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CN-106917636-A: Mining tunnel rescue device patent, CN-106918037-A: Combustion device capable of screening waste biomass patent, CN-106918439-A: 一种基于风洞的龙卷风模拟器、其运行方法及其所得龙卷风模型 patent, CN-106921161-A: 电力系统薄弱点识别方法及薄弱点电压分布特性分析方法 patent, CN-106921305-A: 三电平功率转换电路 patent, CN-106921903-A: 一种耳挂式麦克支架 patent, CN-106922759-A: Traditional Chinese medicine pesticide for preventing and controlling peach diseases, as well as preparation method and application thereof patent, CN-106922861-A: Steam sterilizing technology for dry tea patent, CN-106922889-A: Herbal tea for neutralizing effect of alcoholic drinks patent, CN-106923309-A: Preparation method of edible scribbling candy paper toy patent, CN-106923420-A: 一种带有热电制冷器的帽子 patent, CN-106923799-A: Mobile phone with health monitoring and feedback treatment functions patent, CN-106924409-A: 具有降尿酸功效的药酒 patent, CN-106925514-A: 一种种子比重机废料收集装置 patent, CN-106926222-A: Human simulating double-arm mechanical arm patent, CN-106926996-A: 闭架便携式小型水下机器人 patent, CN-106927447-A: 一种氮掺杂碳纳米片及其制备方法 patent, CN-106928343-A: Method for preparing semaglutide patent, CN-106928599-A: Packing contained polytetrafluoroethylene composite material, sheet and circuit board containing same patent, CN-106929032-A: 土壤调节剂 patent, CN-106929117-A: Method for the production of pellets or briquettes patent, CN-106929480-A: 猪繁殖与呼吸综合征病毒株及其应用 patent, CN-106929689-A: Efficient energy-saving tin metallurgy method patent, CN-106930659-A: 透光透气的门窗 patent, CN-106931135-A: Simplified vehicle engine idle wheel structure patent, CN-106932997-A: Glass vacuum cavity device of atom interferometer patent, CN-106933129-A: 一种用于分离式通话手环的控制电路及分离式通话手环 patent, CN-106935406-A: 功率电子器件装置 patent, CN-106935651-A: 晶体管装置 patent, CN-106936405-A: 基于fpga实现单路数字fir滤波器的方法及装置 patent, CN-106936556-A: Narrow band Internet of things oriented time-frequency two-dimensional sparse code multiple access method patent, CN-106936714-A: 一种vpn的处理方法和pe设备以及系统 patent, CN-106937908-A: 一种新型医用尿壶 patent, CN-106938879-A: Eco-friendly treatment system for large-scale cow breeding industry patent, CN-106939831-A: Diesel engine piston connection rod patent, CN-106940187-A: 用于矿井地面快速巡查的导航方法及系统 patent, CN-106940665-A: 一种基于移动终端的时间校正控制方法、系统及移动终端 patent, CN-106940690-A: Interaction type electronic whiteboard software table and chart mutual conversion method and system patent, CN-106941615-A: Payment method and system, and set top box patent, CN-106942326-A: 一种用于商旅的杂粮配方营养食品 patent, CN-106942997-A: Multifunctional chef machine provided with tidy and rapid coagulating structure patent, CN-106944100-A: 一种双助剂联用改性镍基三元非负载型催化剂的制备方法 patent, CN-106944156-A: Methods and apparatus for deactivating a catalyst composition patent, CN-106945118-A: Pole piece die-cutting device and die-cutting method thereof patent, CN-106946529-A: Flame-retardant siliceous plate patent, CN-106947727-A: Gene-engineering bacterium, construction method of same, and method of producing vanillin patent, CN-106947777-A: 氮运输基因OsNPF7.4在水稻选育中的应用 patent, CN-106947888-A: 一种高能射线屏蔽复合材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-106950058-A: Gear fault diagnosis device based on load torque characteristic analysis method patent, CN-106950250-A: Thermal power measurement device with visible-ultraviolet spectrum measurement function patent, CN-106950729-A: 一种贴字定位夹具及装配方法 patent, CN-106951211-A: 一种可重构定浮点通用乘法器 patent, CN-106951881-A: Three-dimensional scene presentation method, device and system patent, CN-106953828-A: 一种基于移动网络的epub混合保护方法和系统 patent, CN-106955035-A: Rotary cooking device patent, CN-106955038-A: Walnut shell breaking tongs patent, CN-106955631-A: Pulping equipment used for paper making on the basis of Bernoulli principle patent, CN-106956105-A: 具有安装的冷却硬件的动力喷嘴修理 patent, CN-106957331-A: 一种磷酸酯甜菜碱型油田含聚污水用高效杀菌剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106957341-A: Dibenzyl phenyl ammonium tetrachloroferrum complex and synthetic method thereof patent, CN-106957347-A: Amorphous picroside II and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106958237-A: 一种海面原油泄漏清理装置及清理方法 patent, CN-106958501-A: 一种双液体直喷喷嘴 patent, CN-106958511-A: 一种风力发电机 patent, CN-106958513-A: 一种太阳能热动力电站 patent, CN-106960142-A: 一种权限管理和资源控制的方法及装置 patent, CN-106961638-A: Stable network device patent, CN-106961929-A: Method for separating and cleaning pulp and seeds of Trichosanthes kirilowii Maxim patent, CN-106962660-A: Preparation and application of premixed feed for raccoon dog in growing period patent, CN-106963410-A: PET imaging system and imaging method thereof patent, CN-106963870-A: Prescription for calming liver, reducing deficiency fire and curing eyes patent, CN-106964747-A: Rivet pressing stamping die patent, CN-106965149-A: 一种自动化大空间两构态变胞式树木整枝伐树机器人 patent, CN-106965452-A: Disc-type automatic feeding, discharging and locating device of spin-riveting machine patent, CN-106965530-A: 一种双工位高频粘合机的吸盘调整装置 patent, CN-106966154-A: Automatic shoe material conveying grabbing mechanism patent, CN-106966167-A: 自动上下料系统 patent, CN-106966608-A: High-transparency low-radiation coated glass manufacturing method patent, CN-106967052-A: 一种基于氮杂苯和苯并咪唑的有机化合物及其应用 patent, CN-106967117-A: BINAP cuprous coordination complex yellow phosphorescent material patent, CN-106967295-A: 一种无卤阻燃抗静电尼龙复合材料及其制备方法 patent, CN-106969418-A: Air-conditioner patent, CN-106969557-A: Dual-temperature CO2 transcritical supercharging refrigerating system with economizer patent, CN-106970268-A: Single-phase overhead transmission line phase voltage self calibration method based on shunt capacitor patent, CN-106971330-A: Intelligent shopping-guiding shopping cart system patent, CN-106972104-A: 一种碱金属氟化物掺杂的钙钛矿太阳电池制备方法 patent, CN-106972476-A: DC converter station voltage divider secondary side over voltage protection system and DC converter station voltage divider secondary side over voltage protection method patent, CN-106974101-A: Feed capable of preventing balantidiasis patent, CN-106976987-A: Guarantee method for water quality of created and coupled residential quarter landscape water body patent, CN-106977932-A: 一种mpegpla与聚酸酐改进聚丙烯酸膜耐水性及柔顺性的方法 patent, CN-106977993-A: 一种环保乳胶 patent, CN-106980469-A: Method for improving sequential cache writing efficiency of solid state disk patent, CN-106980554-A: 一种进程处理方法及装置 patent, CN-106980980-A: 电子商务平台中基于区块链技术的交易方法及系统 patent, CN-106982698-A: Elm tree pruning method patent, CN-106982796-A: Method for feeding two-spotted spider mites by means of semi-artificial diet patent, CN-106983261-A: 太阳能邮差包 patent, CN-106983757-A: 葫芦素ⅱa的药物用途 patent, CN-106984513-A: Surface-enhanced macromolecular base material patent, CN-106984960-A: Car cam shaft seal ring rotating disc type full-automatic assembly equipment patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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